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how to work forex.
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Forex reddit wiki

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New Here. Any Trader recommendation?

Good evening to anyone.
Another newbie here going through Babypips, Lehman pdf, and several books recommended in the FAQ of the Forex Reddit. I am particularly happy about entering this amazing world, as i have always been very interested in both finance and economics.
I would like to know if you would recommend any particular broker for a demo account/ for beginners? I would like to start "playing" a little bit with everything I have theoretically learned in the last weeks.
Hope to keep you seeing all here.
Luck and money to all!
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Risk:Reward strategies: A follow up question/ Looking for opinions on this idea

This is a follow up post from my last one yesterday here :

I was talking about what everyone's best/ optimal R:R exit strategies are and how/why people use them. After looking at the posts and ideas that a few people shared I had an idea, and I thought I'd share the idea to see if it's one worth considering seriously.

going 1:1 has less DD (on my own strategy backtest) than going 2:1 (makes sense). If I start an account with a prop fund and they have a DD limit (10%), would it be best to start trading using 1:1 to grow the account slowly with less risk of breaking the rules, and then go 2:1 when there is more capital that can be afforded to be lost (so the eventual win streak can come along and I can make more of that % gain baby)

Does this idea sound rational or stupid? Forex Reddit do your magic and castrate me or praise me for the idea cos I wanna know what you think.
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Some Advice?

I've been using the Forex demo account to try and understand how to trade. I've been practicing in the demo account for 2 weeks with a strategy I now understand is called 'scalp trading' and got lucky with 2K in a 48 hour span which as I've seen while watching the Forex reddit forum, is still pretty low for most users.
Without disclosing strategies that you would use, where would be a good example to break into the market? I've started to find where trend lines are after watching a couple people watch trends tracing back from 1 month, down to the 1 hour mark and then they trade long from there. I don't expect there to be a ton of activity with a brand new account but the adrenaline rush of trading and coming out even 10 cents ahead is amazing. The other thing I've been working to try and understand is reading a candlestick chart to see where I can pick up on a break to start a trade. Getting burned a couple times today hasn't made me want to quit, just learn what I did wrong so I can improve!
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Reading the ATR Indicator

All right, I've read multiple guides/sites/forum posts on this topic, and I'm still flummoxed. So I ask you, Forex reddit:
How do you read the ATR indicator?
For example: I'm looking at a pair with an ATR(20) of 1.2889. I want to use the ATR*1.5 method to set my stop loss. Of those five digits, which do I actually multiply to get the SL?
The answer seems simple enough for pairs with an ATR of something like 0.0045; that's just 45 pips. But I'm lost when it comes to values bigger than that, because I can't imagine a trade with a SL of, say, 4333 pips (to use my ATR(20) example), especially if I'm scaling out and intend to enter three positions.
I realize this is the most absolute of absolute rookie questions, but in all my months of doing this I've never been able to figure it out. I appreciate your help!
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Do big players and institutions check places like Reddit and forex factory for strategies and use those strategies against us in some way?

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Make money from Forex Trading 📉💻 💯
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I am a forex trader I want to stream live on Reddit but no enough karma, plz help I really appreciate you

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Forex Traders of Reddit, What New Service(s) would you like to aid your trading?

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Forex Traders of Reddit, What New Service(s) would you like to aid your trading?

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Reddit Forex Traders, what was your biggest lost since you started trading in the market?

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India's Forex Reserves is now at its highest point, since Independence. Pic source- Shutterstock, goodreturn, business standard. Data source: the indian express
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Reddit, what pyramid scheme (like MLM, Forex, etc..) has been rising and gaining popularity, in your country, in the last 10 years that attracts naive people?

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To all Forex Traders Of Reddit, What's the worst trade you have got yourself into?

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Reddit, what do you think of Forex traders?

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Reddit scammer wants me to create an account and deposit Bitcoin so he can Forex trade it into huge profits for me.

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I wish this sub reddit was more popular

Reddit as we know is hugely popular and forex isn't exactly a niche area... Look at how crazy active things like crypto are, weedstocks, wallstreetbets etc. When I first typed in "forex reddit" and found this sub reddit I was expecting at least 100k subscribers and everyone posting their trade ideas, setups and general market talk but this doesn't really happen here, any ideas why not?
There's another place I found called forex factory which is an old school forum and it's pretty active in selective areas like trade discussion but the forum looks horrible. I wonder why /forex is so quite 🙁
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Hello I’m new to reddit... I’m a forex/bitcoin trader and I’m going to be posting tutorial videos and some write ups on how you can learn forex/bitcoin and how you can start earning from it. #forex #bitcoin

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Forex Traders of reddit, how do you win in forex trading?

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New Forex related Reddit

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Forex traders of Reddit, what are the best advices you can give to begginers?

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